idea for pure hehe :D

well because i ruined my old pure and got 20def and then i dont reallly want make a new pure and waste like a month so…
because hawt old man is 40 def i thought what the hell i may as well and im probaly going to subscribe for membership around june maybe earlier if ive reached my goals in time
40/40/60 combat
yer i know there hard goals thats why im transfering around 1k lobbies,1k trout and like 1mil cash

Hmm, this i have to see.

Btw you drop trading this time? or do you need my help like usual?

Would you mind not typing like a retard. Good luck anyway

I conquer.

sorry spookers lol im on msn most of the day talking to girls :stuck_out_tongue:
so im always using slang i will edit it now and yer burnzie plz if u wud im probaly going to be on around 8.30pm