if u r a mage u should be reading this.....

soon to be one of the most power clans ever
the order of the phoenix shalll rise above all others
all mages are welcome to attend a clan meeting in the varrock sewers right bt the zombies :smiley: in world 30 at anytime…(7:30pm) eastern time
mages shall own the wildy we must unite!!!plz come 2 the sewers as soon as u can and ill add u as a part of the “most powerful” clan ever
bring any runes u can also mages with high runecrafting are encourged to come ill be waiting…

i would join, but 7:30 is a bad time. how about earlier? 4:30. I’m a combat lvl 48, mage magic lvl 59. My runescape name is dlugosz, also my friend marty would probably join, his username is gork1987 . Or you could just join our mage clan. “The Haters”

sorry but i changed the name of the clan…
the post is under “divsions of the gods” under clans
i wrote up like 3 pages and no1 anwsers but watever
and yea i guess i change the meeting time to 4:30 i think u said

dude ur a a noob u dnt even have a high mage lvl u only have 4 skills on the high scores how could you be a leader of a clan