If you could change....

If you could change one rule in the classroom (or in RL) what would it be?

Well mine would be “no swining on chairs” rule. I hate it i always get in trouble for swinging on my chair lol.

Well what do you think you are mean’t to do… post you idiots…


No standing,jumping,sliding,pushing,kicking,hitting,spitting on, and breaking chairs/desk/people/tables
:banghead: :hissyfit: :bomb: :fryingpan :spit: :devil: :spin: :footinmou :boxedin: :hot: :fight: :duck: :crowded: :duh:

i lvoe swinging on my chair lol

well the rule should be we can talk forever =p lol

im out in the real world now… the rules are put there for a reason so (no offence) idiots like you don’t get hurt.

Yeah, however, I always had a problem with the day beginning at 7 am or so. Your body clock will keep you awake until 11 pm or so, and that’s exactly 8 hours before school starts(mine did, at least). You can’t get a full night’s sleep on that. Studies have shown you learn better when you’re tired(you can only really concentrate on one thing at a time), but it’s unhealthy.

The rule would be ‘No teacher!’ lol

ummm ya wut he said

I`d change the rule of no hitting people with a rusty battle-axe.

To eat in class.

We can drink in class, if its just after P.E.

That’d be considered passing period :expressio.

I think all the rules are there for a reason, even though some can be rather annoying…

Well, in this book I read a whole bunch of weird rules…

LOL, in our school, we can`t wear any bedding. I guess people were wearing pillows as hats.

No more homework! I have way too much homework. At least my teachers are sane enough to not give us homework over Thanksgiving break.

Oh my gawd! why didn`t I think of that?