If you enjoy JolioJoilo's Pics, post your comments here

If you enjoy JolioJoilo’s Pics, post your comments here! :slight_smile: Have a good day! :slight_smile:

well i cant say much other than it all rocks

yes i agree 110% :smiley: :smiley:

The summing pictures were great

best pics in the world

i cant even think of what to say cos there so GOOD

Hey jolio! Try to make a rs-centaur!

try pm’ing him


i give most ur pics 9.5/10 averge 8)

Thats still a great rating, anyone else? I give JolioJoilo’s pics a 1000/10

shes the best

She? Who are you on about?!?

I’m a guy!! :x

ive seen at least 3 people say that your a she i mean whats goin on lol

im sorry to say but for a while i thougth u were a she
truthfully i didnt know if u were a he or she
but i now know and knew for a while

Well maybe people should look at one of his subjects. For it shows clearly on a pic of him that he is a guy.

hey jolio have you tried jumping all the way across morrowind?? (on elder scrolls III) i must have been in flight for about 15 minutes lol from one end to the other…amazing…you just gotta use a lot of spells…( sorry that this post is off topic )…his pictures are 10000/10

I respect JolioJolio because he puts alot of effort into all the work that he does, I think everyone should say thanks for all the things and contributes here on RSR.

Yeah I have. I created an incredibly powerful jump spell (can’t remember the
power but it cost a bit, I have too much money to count) Then while I was
using levitate, I cast the jump spell. I could jump in mid air! :smiley: Probably a
glitch in the game… but hey! Jumped miles! Oh and speaking of jumping
loads. You got the Scrolls of Icarian Flight from Tarhiel?

Hey jolio, maybe you should post a pic of yourself again and clarify that you’re a guy.