If your selling anything post here! i buy all (non-member)

Hey everyone im going on a spending spree
-ill buy a lot of stuff
-halloween masks
-ill be buying full zammy in a week!
-if your looking to sell anything ask me (i may buy but only at good price)

-rs name= Ivan5784

cheers 8)


will you buy 100 mith arrows?I’ve been trying to sell them for an hour.

I have a crap load of runes… tell me on rs ill show you

i got a black full helm (t) do u want
i also got other stuff

rs2 name-mage24680…pm me

ill sell rune long 30k

rsn: casey dog0… pm me

will u buy 3 ammys of magic?

i hate it when noobs dont know the prices of items and sell for overinflated prices,example a rune long can be bought 30k from the champions guild and yet i can get a scimmy for 25k and rune long for 19k in most members worlds…

sellin rubber chicken 200k it is a bargain

noob you cant sell rubber chickens, they aint tradable.
im sellin=
8021 law runes 5680 earth runes
18940 water runes 6792 cosmic runes
5067 death runes
12589 chaos runes
16832 air runes
7235 mind runes
12947 fire runes
16984 body runes
and for members= 4582 blood runes
10486 soul runes

  1. i thinkl your all noobs who have no life, so get one!!! noobs!!!

wow im impressed man!

im interested in chaos and death!

How much for each!

pm me

rs name= Ivan5784

cheerss 8)