I’ve always been a fan of magical illusions etc etc… how and why those kind of things have always intrigued me

Call me nieve… I don’t care… but some are very confusing as to how!

How do you think this was done?


What about this one?

Seen both on different forums now… some people are very bemused, others are very sceptical on how the illusion is done, yet I’ve seen no actual reasonings to other forumites suggestions… One person said that it was an inflateable salt seller?? hmm ok!.. another said there was an infateable burger (second vid) Yeah… and your going to bite into an inflateable burger and… BANG!

What do you guys think?

I don’t know but to me the best illusionist/magician as to be Criss Angel. He is the most amazing Illusionist, everything from small stuff he has done, to his stuff in Las Vegas.

I didn’t watch the whole Jap thing cause it took too long to watch and I didn’t think it would be that cool.

But if you like/know about illusions you must know about Criss Angel.

Yup, I know of him… he’s not bad either… although some of his tricks are old… just redecorated and using different materials to produce a new piece.

You haven’t watched either clip? How can you judge whether its “cool” or not, without watching it?

The second one is alright, funny. I like how he bites it, then puts it back and the pictures changed.

The glass trick is alright. Though when Criss Angel did it with his whole body was cool too.