I'm a little sick of these gigantic signatures!

Some people seriously have 4-5pics in their siggy, and it takes almost my entire screen at 1024x786, this has to stop ppl!

Well I hope I’m not one of those ppl, but I’m getting ready to make a new sig. One that will be a lot smaller in heighth. So that will help you a little :slight_smile:

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Lol michaelks you have like 3 signatures… But they’re not big, unlike some other people’s… Hehe I am too, tired of seeing these large signatures… YO it takes like forever to scroll down a page! Lol


I agree.
All my sigs I make are 400 X 120 px.

Ya…we should go on a protest…

The Anti-Gigantic Sig Strike!!!

We should have a protest not to get on RSR until everyone makes their sigs smaller!
(I won’t be joining the protest because unfortunately I am addicted to RSR :wink: )

Anyways I do agree that the sigs are getting bigger and bigger which is very time consuming because it takes more time to load a page and also that each post becomes so huge even though it may be just a one-liner.

:gangster: ~Raven

meh i hate GIGANTIC SIGS. but big sigs are okay. unless theyre really stupid designs and pointless…lol. jk.

Or you could make a sig like that. Remember the anti-buddy revolution? It could be something like that. Except it would be a SMALL sig.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Downsizin, i didnt know that it bothered anybody that much

EDIT: ok here we go:

Theres an Idea of what it could be like!

Lol chaosnoob that’s pretty funny… Yet nice… But it’d have to be as small as it could be witout people having a hard tiem readin’ it.


I agree, some signatures are just ridiculous, I don’t want to name any names but some people have 5 or more large pictures in their signature. I think a maximum height limit should be made of about 500 pixels for the whole signature.

Iced and I have edited a few peoples signatures because of their size. The basic rule is that if the signature looks to big, then it is too big. People should use their heads. If it distorts the posts, then, well it’s too big. I think also (but this is my personal opinion) that people with more then three block sigs (like the ones that display stats. or names in a block about 500 x 90) are overdoing it. Again, if it looks bad, it is!!! Also if you have to put a little note at the bottom of your sig that says, “Is my sig too big?” or “…am I overdoing it”…, well then you probably are…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

Haha, i added that img to my sig chaosnoob!

I just joined the forums not long ago, and the first thing i remember thinking was “don’t they have a limit on these sigs?”

Ah well, not the only one :smiley:

Or the RSR can have a signature filesize limit of 350 Kb or so, and a size limit.

I like my sigs, all of them i dont know why we should give them up because people dont like scrolling down a page

But some people have 5 or 6 sigs just for the sake of having them and for no other reason

yea i suppose, im trying not to get anymore sigs than this


Your signature is looking O.K., but it is when people just make signatures that are ten times the size of their post, that’s when mods start to get angry.

ummm r mine classed as gigantic?

In one word…yes