I'm Back + Good Trade Picure.

Well I’m back, probly no one noticed but that doesn’t matter to me, only been gone a few days, like 5.

I figured, if I take a small break, i’d find RS more fun at the fact I didn’t play a bit.

Well I been merchanting around, but whats funny is this trade, to some of you I didn’t make anything out of it, but I think what this guy gave me for maul is funny. He was desperate.

P.S. The robe top is black.

Fav bit is the drag b axe… but i dont think that its worth it , but then agen full red n balck mystic is 1mil so im not sure how much a robe top is for it…

Last time I checked the robe was 400K.

Im not a member but i think thats not worthit

Lol, he gave you like 800k worth of stuff, nice deal, since G maul is only 300k nowadays, Off-Topic, what’s your range now?

I havent been on so the same, 65.

G mauls are only 300k now? lmao…wow.
O and welcome back Lutenist, nice trade too

i like this nice, spammers mc spammington

im not sure how much granite maul is worth but it seems like a pretty good deal to me

nice trade lutenist

you got like 500k worth of stuff extra! nice trade

tut tut u should have kept ur maul it owns

very good trade he looks like desperate =)