I'm Back... Most Likely!

Well, hey, if anyone actually remembers me, I was last here 3 1/2 months ago, and that was only to check out what was happening. So, if you remember me, greet me! If you don’t, oh well.


Yo well come back…

Hey Arrow, i remember you :wink:

i don’t welcome back… have fun…

With 3 posts, you haven’t had time to “Welcome back”. Haven’t known anyone yet :slight_smile:


Dont remember you at all mate

i’ve been here over a year thx… i’m castoo (now i’m banned)

I have been around for a year and a month, and I have never heard of Castoo. Also, you got banned, I didn’t, so I’m going to refere to you as new. Or atleast, new to me.


new to you, and considering i just posted in wildy topic and archas is on, i’m gonna have 2 make a new account

uhhhh… well lets say that castoo is a pjer…

Hello :wave: I cant say i remember u, but i can pretend i do, if u like

oh lets not bring up that again lol

Welcome back even though i never knew you, and this is gonna get locked.

i remember you. do u remember me?

Hey Slip knot, still remember you. As for the others, well… ughh…


what happend to ur avvy and sig? or you didnt have one before. i cant remember…

I was never big on that. I got to find something to put there. Also, because I noticed your “location”, R.I.P Eddie Guerrero, I used to (and sometimes still) watch wrestling.


goto my thread “real scoop about Eddie Guerrero”

Never heard of ya. Welcome back!

Hey arrow! Remember me :D!