I'm back

If any of you have noticed, I haven’t been on RSR for like 2 weeks, nor runescape. I’m starting to get bored of runescape, and I kinda think it’s a waste of time… I mean all the hours I’ve spent doing pretty much nothing seem so wasted… Anyone agree with me?

Yeah Runescape is kinda a waste of time but I think it is pretty fun. And thats what games are made for, wasting your time.

thats why once i got hacked i realized that RuneScape is kinda a waste of time…id rather be out wit friends hangin and havin fun instead of cooped up in my room playing a cpu game. ahh well welcome back! i did notice youve been gone for a little now :slight_smile:

Yeah I totally agree but at times when you’re not with friends, be with your friends online.

lol yea theres a point…

Well, welcome back… I, myself, was away for a couple of weeks myself and am back… Well, welcome back…

Yah I never said welcome back but I saw you! And Gemini, you are hardly ever on RS!

And Gemini, you are hardly ever on RS!

Yeah, I’ve just quit RS for now… Just for now… I haven’t quit forever… But I’ll be back on someday…