im done here

i think its about time to stop coming on rsr its getting pretty boring so i think…who cares what i think(i think duke and his little website is over rated and i think all the mods are to)that feels gooooood :lol: :lol: :lol:

no they’re not…rsr is kool and apparently no-one cares wot u think

youll get bored here eventually as i did i thought it was cool at first, oh i know know one cares why do you think i posted it???

plz edit that last part it doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t get boring (this is just my opion)

well if you think like that then good bye RsR dosent need people like you…and this site isnt over rated it is one of the best runescape forums, dont like it or the people on it then good riddens

Hey, don’t be so hard on the kid. I was bored of RSR for a while too, so I stopped coming for a while over Christmas break. But then I came back! Yay!

That is true. I got bored for nearly three to four weeks of it, and now i’m back!

the site is a bit does get boring but its ok