I'm done

I’m done with runescape im done with all this crap I didnt know people could be so dumb somethimes. so ice fire, 1 hit pk, it’s been fun pkin while it lasted… goodbye, and so long RSR. I wish the best for all of you.


no dont is it because of that dumb as* that typed about ur bro?


theres much better people out there you can deal with, ignore the imature ones and enjoy yourself the best you can. If you stick to this decision, good luck in life :smiley:

wait wait wait… Are you letting some dumbass that talked about ur bro like that standing u down? Do you realize your bro is watching you right now and ur going off because of him? geez… show some bravery and courage man! Show that sonuvabe-yatch who u are! dont leave!

ya plz dont u cant ur bro is counting on u!

what it the story behind this comotion?

read the post support or pres.

what, that made absolutly no sence…

the post or me?

im just wondering lol, Why is he quitting and what happend with his bro>?

dude dont quit man u were an awesome pure!!!

um… i think he quiting for the same reason a dumbass was talking aout his bro…

so hes quits?

Don’t quit man. Quitting over something as silly as another immature person is quite dumb. Just shrug it off and remember that you are better than all of the immature people out there. Be the bigger person about it and move on. Whatever you do, just don’t quit. But if you do reside with this decision, good luck with whatever else you shall decide to do.

Sorry that u had to deal with that guy, i know how it feels. Muc cousin went to Iraq in 2002, he was shot in the head by an iraqi sniper…i had to go to the wake and everything…those guys who die out there die for those that they love…so as long as you respect him (which i can tell you do very much) then his sacrifice (and my cousins) will never go in vein…just make sure you keep respecting him as you do now…

That dude who said that stuff needs to die seriously… he was making fun of people who would sacrifice their young lives for freedom to stay safe in the world…Your bro was a good man and dont ever forget that…add me in game if u like need to talk or something k :slight_smile:

^^ scythe always knows the right thing to say… ^^

I had the same thing happen here… One of my best friends cousin worked in the world trade centers on about the 103rd or 102nd floor when the plane hit… (first tower) and some jackass at school happens to ask “hey, did you hear about the plane hitting that building in new york?!? It was friggin awesome!”… I wanted to punch the kid so hard right there , I went over to my friend and put my hand on her shoulder and told her not to do anything, just ignore little pricks like him…

Morale is please dont do crazy stuff, report him offensive language, or get a player mod… they could possibly mute him…

dont quit. And what dumbass would that the crash was frigen awesome? wat a ****

dont let a jerk get to you!!!1!!!1!!1!!!

Just cuz someone acts like a dumbass doesnt mean u have to give up

Your damn right, People on runescape can be huge jerks but ur better than that!

dood dunt leave ur an awsome pker!