im getting angry now...

ok does anyone know what the odds are of a shade dropping a bit of a shade robe? because ive killed at least 30 shades, and NEVER gotten a shade robe. and know i have to fight lvl 120 shades. so i was just fighting one, no robe. if fought about 5 or 6 lvl 120 shades so far, and none drop. they just waste my food. they sould make shade robes a bit easier to get.
sickmate 8)

I think u have to be a member to get them as a drop. I get one every time i get a shade. Before i was a member i never got them.

same here…ive killed about 5 million shades (well not really 5 million…more like 10) and ive never got one peice of the shade robes…but i see other people getiing them all the time…ahhhhhhhh its making me so angry thinking about it now… :evil:

Wait, what’s so special about a shade’s robe? It just add’s 5 to your prayer… Unless you want one because they look cool… Sorry to sound like a newb but well… Someone gave me a shade robe and I really don’t find anything useful about it… So, if they do have some other bonuses, please tell me…

i got one on the very first shade i killed (not sure if i was member or not then). there’s nothing special about them at all… i guess they just look cool. the only stats they have are +5 prayer so compare these:

Shade robes - 20k per set +10 to prayer (i think the top and bottom are both 5, not sure)

Monk robes - As many as you want free, as long as you have 25 (?.. correct me if I’m wrong…) +12 to pray (again, not sure if both top and bottom give +6)

Shade robes are actually better than monks robes. I have tried both and shades are better.

well i tried both and monks are better…

Weird 8O

I have tried multiple times and it showed shades as better.

well maybe im wrong… but it sez monks better on runehq too. ill check as soon as i get back to my bank

monk robes are better monk robes give +11 to prayer and shade robes give +10 to prayer

actualy, shade robes are basicly useless. think about it they dont really look cool cause they look almost exatly like a preist gown. you cant really fight wearing one cause your def will suck. sure the add on to prayer is nice but whats the point? just my opinion, if it counts lol

do u know how useful it is in wildy? it helps ur prayer to get drained slower

good point, but i normaly melee so if im fighting a lvl 90 how will a shade robe do better than rune? unless im fighting a mage then i can understand that.

whats ur prayer?

45 or 46, i havnt played the game in a while
only lvl 85 combat. need to work on it. also ive noticed that people call some one a noob in world 3 if you use prayer while fighting someone in wild. what the hell is with that?

yeah i checked… monk is better

you dont have to be a member, But if you are they are used for making splitbark pieces

Well, if Iced is right about shade robes being better than monk robes then the bottom part of the shade robe should be valuable as the top only gives +5 to prayer… But yeah, the monk robe top gives +6 and so does the bottom… If the shade robes are better as a whole then then bottom part of it must give at least +7 just to be as good and +8 and up to make up for the +5 that the shade robe top gives… Well, maybe there might be a hidden effect but I don’t know… That’s why I’m asking…

no, you’re thinking of a different shade, he means the one that appears when you bury bones

This may be wrong, but is it possible that shade robes have greater bonuses in member worlds(i wouldn’t know cuz im not a member)