i'm getting new game

what should i get.
1)world of warcraft
2)grand theft auto 3
3)diablo 2 extention
4)age of empiers 3

WoW for sure, gta 3 u can beat really fast, AOM 3seems like a boring game and diablo expansion…not worth it.
way mroe stuff to do on wow, + there are ppl on rsr that play wow alot so i hear

Screw the pc, get an X-box 360.

^^ what he said x-box360 is ownage even thow i dont got :P…
but out of those games get world of warcraft :stuck_out_tongue: it owns.

wow its looks well good if u can afford to
or get age of empires

Get AOE3 so you can play it then send it to me :slight_smile:

diablo 2 expansion it rules