Im givin up

Im givin up on runescape. Its turning boring. I am selling everything at a very low price.okay only stuff for sale is stuff not in black.

how much for the cash?

Im not giving away anything im selling stuff so that incase i ever come back i hopefully have some money to get started bak up.

ill trade chain for platebody(rune)


ummm ill buy somthin but im f2p

I would like to sell stuff at low prices not trade for other stuff. Give a reasonable but low price and we have a deal.

how much for all the seeds? i will buy them if it is low!


i will pay 82k for all the seeds and soz about dping it is just that i gtg soon!


plz tell me ur rs name

is 50k ok?

seeds 80k sold all of em.
Plate for 50k gone.
Rs name is sagoz ill be on world 71 for members and 67 for free.

u like actually have to say wat u are buying like i am buying all his seeds for 82k plz i really need seeds i will gp as high as 90k (all i have)


I just said 80k is fine go to world 71 and wait at draynor bank.

never mind i will be on soon


give me rs name but please cash only.

it is nicko265 same as username on rsr and i am there now
and i will only trade in cash i am waiting


thanks for the rune legs :wink:

How much for laws ea?

sry not selling runes thats only thing not selling.

Ill buy the white mystic hat and the nats for 80k total!