Im going away for thanks giving =(

im going away for thanksgiving so u will not see the cexy beast cowlover96 for a whole week =(

Thats the last cwars game i will play for a whole week lets talk about wat we like most about cowlover96 :slight_smile: *hehe im already gone :smiley: *

Never heard of you…rather modest, aren’t you?

That’s a nice d skirt. W00t. Sorry about being away, im just going to my grandmas for an afternoon. It’t gonna rock tho.

frog im VERY modest lol ok cya guys

hes gone…party he left w00tzers

Yay, cow is gone! break out the hats and streamers!

JK. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ll enjoy seeing you back. Once your back, how about a game of cwars? Ill bring my ancient mage :wink: