im in trouble and so is the demon

i was just killing this guy when i was bored so i decided to do somthing with his pic (the 717 is messed but it will do) the there is me getting owned by a clan…

their really fuzzy even when i zoomed in so i cant really rate you on them =( srry

Ouch, y didnt u log out before they hit u

nice pics and hope u didnt die lol lose alot of stuff!

lol nice dude. did u get logged out in time?

LOL… doesn’t it suck to be ganged up on. Did ya lose much? Oh and yea, the pics are REALLY fuzzy! :wink:

This is not good 1/100 :!: :!:

i saw the pics fine, the greater one is pretty funny, isnt that me with the dragon long lol i wish

if you look at the one with you getting owned theres a guy with a dragons skull as a head to the left lol