Im leaving...

Im sorry to say this but Im leaving RSR for a while. Due to my educational reasons(some people will know form my previous topic)I will have to leave too improve and get back on track on my schoolwork. I believe this will help me. I hope rsr goes well while Im gone. See ya!!!

Hope when you come back to RSR your grades will be super, good bye!!!


See ya, hope u get betta grades!

sickmate 8) oops i mean arc lol

come back in the summer. gl on your grades. Your the smart i should get back on my grades too, since iv been playing runescape and this all my sibjects have gone down a grade, except math.

u should always put work in front of games… but anyways, i hope u start to get good grades… my grades haven’t really dropped, but i’m not going to play rs for a while… well, good luck!

too bad ur leaving but i hope u get better grades my grades staed the same when i started playing.

Rofl same, only maths has seemed to be the same. It’s all the adding money and xp…

Havn’t really dropped. Either they have or they havn’t. My grades have really gone down quite a bit, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I’m in Year 8 :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

Well good luck to you. I urge anyone also whos grades are “slipping” shall we say, to also make a move like Rune2h

if we do all our subjects would be A’s but math would be a F so ill pullin for the Math. :lol:

Oh well… See you after your education!

My math grade hasn’t dropped from runescape it has gone up :smiley: . But good luck on the grades man I hope you get really good ones just visit back in the summer or something. Also if you are not going to be playing runescape are you going to be at the drop party because if you are not I will need to remove your name from the list.

Sorry to hear that… Well, when you’re ready, don’t feel like a stranger when coming back to RSR… BTW, good luck in school and such…

bye, hopefully youll be back someday

ok fine, they have dropped a bit, especially math… lol.