i'm looking for a clan!

i am lookng for a clan to join who go to wildy! I go on runescape on the weekends and i am 72 combat!

u should check the clan forums

Go to http://darkknights25.tripod.com

Read the info and see if u like the clan.

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u could goin supremepk, supreme32.proboards40.com
sickmate 8)

can a level 46 mage go in dark knights i tried so i hope i can get in

u can join my clan we go to the wild and are hoping to do drop partys.
our clan name is Pheniox Riderz. the lowest u have to be is 60+ combat and an ability that can help the clan. i am the clan leader. add conquest_war

I really fink u shud go to either the wildguards or morquedi( is tis right spelling?) I haven’t been at them (because i’m a round 40 lvls lower than the rquirements) but it semms very good

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would love to have you when ur 75 combat.