Im new! Got some pics!

Hi everyone my rs username is hpsadagopan. im 81 combat and im basically here for the same reason everyone else is. I hope i have fun.

how do i post the pic directly on the thread

Please dont double post. Add


tags at the start and end of the pic.

Welcome to RSR. I advice you to read the forum rules before posting on the forums. Other than that, have fun!

Nice wcing stats! I remember getting lvl 75. I banked all my good stuff, went down to bob’s axes to buy a shiney new bronze model, and chopped my last needed XP in my first wcing spot in lumbrige sigh

lol nice stats and a shiny bronze axe lol wat u talkin bout lol

Hey welcome to RsR

Lol u use a bronze axe to cut?
O and cuttin yews would be quiker

Welcome to RSR, amazing wcing :slight_smile:

Mines only like 56 at level 81 :s

I’m level 89 and my woodcutting is 82. ):

nice job man

Welcome to RSR, and I am level 80 combat with 77 WC.

Welcome, my Combat is 59 and I have 42 Woodcutting.

Welcome to rsr and my combat is 93 and wc is 88.

Welcome and nice wc lvls! Enjoy rsr!

hello and greetings!!! welcome to rsr! my combat is 81 and i have 46 wc

No, of course not! I just felt like finding a special way to gel lvl 75 wcing in a way that would bring me back to my newbie days sighs again