I'm not sure what to do next

Ok guys I am sort of deep in the throws of indicision here. I am level 58 (or 59 something around there) And I dont know what to do. Should I train. Make money. Do quests. I would like to know because…Well i have full rune. And am sort of broke so if anybody could help me through this delemma it would be apreciated :smiley: .

My best skill is woodcuttin with level 58 (i know i kind of stink)

I am a member

And Santa this isnt meaning something bad but…dont say that stuff out of the blue. And I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me like you sort of.

What is your best skill? If you tell me I can tell you what to do to make money.

run nats for people if you are p2p… if you are f2p then sell coal for lots… once you have money get everything up

Are you a member? If not, I suggest raising your woodcutting level up to 60 so you can cut yew trees and make a lot of money.

oh no what are you going to do atleast you didnt get hacked and lose full rune battle axe kite 2sets of greendragonhide 10k arrows and loads of other stuff untill you lose all that stuf u have no reason to cry about it

Nats? how do I run them?

“Nats” is a shortened name for nature runes.

Running only really works if you have a lot of people doing it because the crafter needs a steady flow of people for it to be worth staying at the altar and crafting the runes. Either mine at the coal trucks which is fairly easy because you can get up to 167 a load, or I suggest woodcutting and if you want to maybe even fletch because you can make a good profit out of that if you have it high enough.

i would make money

So you guys are saying Fletch, mine, cut, and anything else to make money basically.Okey dokey then :smiley:

Mining at the trucks?? Is that a members only benefit? If not, where is it???

Coal trucks is P2p only. Sorry mate :cry:

what i do is

Buy coal for a reasonable price 110-125 each and sell for 145-150 each

doing that will get you alot and mining at the coal trucks 167 coal perload is 25k cash sold at 150 each coal… do 4 runs and you get 668 sold at 150 each will be… 100k and you can even do 1 more run and buy 1k for 125k coal and sell for 150k and then you continue mining coal or you buy and sell coal nomater what you do you get the same profit as doing the 1k coal deal… or mining coal at trucks… simple money if you ask me especially if you get on lowley populated worlds… :slight_smile: although im not a member all the math is simple…

if any sees this i say you sould mine coal