I'm Not There

Ok, this is just a poem.
looking for comments please, thank you:)

I’m Not there

Gentle flakes of soft and dulcet fragments of dream
Nightmares are gone, in sleep you lie, I lie
Try do I, for you, when my mind casts me into such dissillusion

Those slippery words
fall from amber lips
and fall will I
fade away to grey
Say, no more.
Noise is noise
But scilence is music with a child’s whisper

toes on hands
and fingers on cold bare feet
I will rise,
Above the dead leaves
And rotten faces of a broken neibourhood.

Dig deeper,
deeper still, to find my twisted smile.
Slowly now, do not break
I be fake, but sick and mislead
Worthy for you to shed one hundred tears.
A poison in my lungs.
A city tumour, a glass smile
blooded tiles behind your head.
And Street kings will not sleep in beds/

Electrify my sight
Plug me in
Tell her “dear it’s ok”
tell her “I’m ok”
tell her “I’m still there”
because she will smile
summon an autumn ectasy
freind me with a foreighn emotion

I lie asleep
lie still
And wake to find my smile
beneath dog’s kennel
with scars filled with kisses
be still
be quite.
For I’m not there.

It’s a beautiful poem, I love it

It’s a beautiful poem, I like it