Im quitting

quitting RS for Diablo2 and my new mod for it

giving my guy away, stats of below and giving to someone who doesnt have much.

me please me me me

Well, i’d like to have it if you really don’t want it, that would make a cool second char. for me.

id like to have it cause id like to have a char that has member skills… (id be soooo cool to have)

Cani hvae diablo 2 cd key and accnt please!!!

i closed off my members so the skills are pretty useless unless you activate it. and no you cant have a diablo2 cdkey.

and you only rlly need 1 char.

someone who NEEDS a good char.

Well… l hate to see peeps leave RS these days. But I understand: gotta let them live their life the way they wanna!


i knew u probally stoped the membership but still who knos i might go member on it but id just like to have member skills :slight_smile:

I’ll take it if you need to get rid of it. However I must say that diablo 2 isn’t that great of a game and it’s a shame to see someone leave runescape for it.

sorry to hear you are quitting…maybe you can give it to my friend, grapes0da, he’s a noob

ill give to you friend eagle… i shuldave pmed u stuff…

and diablo 2 DOES suck.

but i play a mod that makes it so there over 3000 new unique items and spells, monsters, and a WHOLE new prespective of playing.

Locked. Account sharing/trading is against the rules.