I'm sad, angry and frusterated, all at once...

I am so so so, completely utterly, terribly insert emotions of the title.

Well, the past three weeks I have been working my arse off at prep sessions at karate. These get me ready to move on to my next belt, which would be my black belt.

Well, I am not getting it. :bored:.

I am invited to audit, or just come for the hell of it. They said people have been promoted even with an audit, but honestly. If your not ready the first shot around, why the hell would you be after? So, I won’t get a real chance into August :ouch:. My friend Sally and I both didn’t pass, and we’re both mad.

Now, to top on the crap, tomorrow is Thursday. Alright. Thursday. Nothing big right? Pfft, okay. For the past two months, we have been writing scripts for skits, practicing skits, writing diaries, and basically working our fingers to the bone. Its ridiculus, because we also have to put on the skit tomorrow all day, and Friday all day. Tomorrow we get tested. We need to have all of our lines memorized, and I have a huge part. On Friday we will be performing from 10:30 A.M until 2:30 PM. 300+ people, including parents, teachers, students, ect. We mess up, our teachers get pissed, because it makes them look bad.

So, I’m really ticked and irratated right now. If I seem a bit of a jerk tonight, thats why.

That’s okay.
I got my black belt a few years back, and honestly, did too much traveling to promote, which is why I recently quit.
Not sure why I told that little tale, but oh well. You’ll pull through, I’m sure.
:spin: Kingofallpie

I’m sure I will, but it still sucks at the moment.

I’m sry magekill. I quit karate at yellow belt when I was 4 because my teacher was mean :smiley: thats pointless. You’ll get there if you try even harder. I’m sure next time you will get it if you keep on practicing.

Wise words, said true. Sorta :tongue:. Pfft, I’ve sure learned my lesson. I need to try much harder.

Heh, I like my teachers.

Sorry for snapping at you :innocent:

Shite o_O. I hope it all works out.

I once tried Karate…I failed. I enoy Kung-fu more so :smiley:

ouch thats not good, I hope you do better next time you have a chance.

Ouch, Well goodluck for thursday…

I like acting…and I hate remembering lines!

Thanks Sirkill.

Ditto, Lock man…

This is kind of…Innapropriate but…What style of Karate do you perform?

Mine is Tang soo do.

How is it inappropriate?

I do Issyn Rue.

Ooh, another question, is the sparring light contact? It sounds like heavy.

Ours is freakin ancient, light contact, but more about the technique…Compared to an open tournament we went to where we fought guys who trained by kicking their shins against tree stumps (for real!). Their whole technique is sweeping and kicking the hell outta your shin. Their master --this is no joke-- breaks baseball bats against his shins. He broke his leg against one once :slight_smile:

Yo, thats plain creepy.

Its medium sparring. Not full out, beat the crap out of each other, but its not simple touching.

Ours is light-no contact, but me and some of the adults go pretty hard. I broke two ribs sparring against a 300 pound man :slight_smile: Lol, two days ago we had sparring, and I did a stepping-side kick to my dad in the leg, and he got a Charlie Horse…He still has it today o.O I keep poking him :stuck_out_tongue: