i'm scared!

someone from support@jagex.com,im not sure what to do,and i have been going on private servers.might be someone from rsr!please help me

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Delete it. Don’t click the link.

i know but,why is it me?
i just came on msn today,must be someone from rsr cause i only told ppl from rsr i used private servers
and jagex says they dont send e-mails

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probably a keylogger… dont open

They’re sending them to everyone.

this is my first one…did u get 1 like this?
EDIT:i was talking to jesseeast01 on a private server,and every1 had it.i feel safer. mods pls lock!

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What do you mean by a private server?

i got one similar like that. I just put it in the junk mail folder in hotmail =)

omg! i got that same exact 1! this freaking me out >.< runs to a near village and hides

Don’t open it, it’s obviously fake because they don’t have good grammer and they didn’t spell check it lol. It’s all a lie.

Jagex wont email except for when they take money for membership

wow people have no common sense, “JAGEX WILL NEVER EMAIL YOU” so everyone clicks links in the emails and bich about getting keyloggers…

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another one of those messages dont click probly has keylogger!

lol flip, just delete it…i got one also on MSN

clickz0rz t3h delete butt0n…I haven’t gotten one of those fake e-mails yet…I feel excluded=P…lol…

Delete it, they don’t have proper spellings/grammar. Fake.

By not getting any probably means they think you’re too smart to fall for it :wink:

just delete it. and if you havent read the post on the front page about…then you should. it is a fake runescape site that looks real. so when you put the username and pass in they hack your real account.

everyones getting that. Most likeley some noob from rsr. I havnt though. If i get it im gonna click the link :wink: (wink to hacker)

its fine,i talked to jesseeast01 and every1 gets it,problem solved,lock this mods!

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I keep getting those in my Gmail account.
Remember what Jagex says? “We will not send you e-mails!”

That is a blatant fake. Do not do anything it tells you to do…