i'm sinking!

i’m sinking into the ground and trying to fight back (look at pic)
actually i was training at hobbies near the crafting guild and was fightingone that was down the little hill

that was gae gae man

yea hes not even sinking

lol nice try i guess…5/10 for the effort

well 4/10 for effort

for the effort?..lol what effort? it wasnt edited or anything. its just a normal screen of his under a hill

Effort: 0/10
Creativity: -10/10
Humor: 6/10

Eek, some people are harsh. I think it’s funny, I rate it an 8.5/10 even if it is a natural thing that happens in the game.

for creativity i give it a 4/10

humor:… lets not even go there…
effort:… can you say “lol”?

its just the way ur looking at it

Jeez. People These Days!! Can You Say, “Can’t Symphosize With ‘Friendly Critisism’?” Good Humor! 7/10


7/10…kinda funny…but 7 cos it happends naturally and very often