Image Hosting

[I’d appreciate feedback, and suggestions. I am working on it and will release it fully soon.
With a better layout ect.

Click any piece of this text to go to my Image Hosting.](

Booooo advertising! Boooo!

Jk, but idk if this is allowed, ill check it out though…

I am not advertisin’ Just want some feedback.

That’s a nice script you got there. Mind if I use it at GFX Realm? I really need a good one…

I uploaded something at the GFX Realm Magazine, but I got the answer “Invalid file”. It was a PNG, for christs sake =/.




Hmm, I suppose its a good hosting site, but the disclaimer seems to make you own anything uploaded onto the site.

Yes, it’s the same as most Image Hosters, I just couldn’t be arsed making another page saying “TOS” :slight_smile: