If this site came back to life one day. I would feel so cool with my 2005 join date…lol

It’s too bad it isn’t re purposed for some other games like League of Legends or Star Wars the Old Republic.

I play Leagueeeeee :smiley:
It’s so fun!!!

Yeah it’s great, been playing League for almost two years now. I have spent waaaaay too much money it, lol.

I played like 2 games during 2010 summer and then stopped… but started again last summer :smiley: Add me if you wants: UncleBiz

Real men play HoN. LoL’s boringly easy. No real competitive capabilities. Glass ceiling is too low.

HoN is painfully boring to me. I enjoy Dota 2 though.

How can you stand playing LoL if you don’t like HoN? HoN is just LoL with skill requirements lol.

I just hate the pacing of the game. I dislike the visuals as well.

HoN is a dead horse.
It’s basically LoL and Dota 2 now.

Been in the Dota 2 beta for at least a month now. I really like playing as Sand King.

It is a little fast paced for the slower APM players of LoL. You guys are not used to denying and having to actually work together and whatnot like you have to in HoN, so I can see that. LoL is like one of those plastic baby guitars with like four buttons that play whole songs when you touch a button. HoN is like a classic gibson les paul with all original hardware. I can see how some people might just not enjoy playing guitar.

HoN queues take less than 5 seconds. You click the button and you’re in a game. What’re you talking about? I just got out of a game. Lol. You’ve never actually played it… Have you? Just basing it off of other fanboy lies other fanboys have told you?

I haven’t played it and don’t plan on it. Ever hear of Chu? He switched to LoL even though it’s not as HARDCORE as playing a Les Paul.

This guys on one of the top LoL teams in NA:
MonteCristo: Do you wish you were still playing HoN?
HotshotGG: Hell, no. HoN is a dead horse,man. It’s already been beat.
MonteCristo: True, but would you enjoy playing HoN more if the money, prestige, and player-base had gone the other way?
HotshotGG: You know what? Probably not. League is new and different, while HoN is the same old DotA that I played for four years. It’s the same reason I’ll probably never get into DotA 2.

They are different

I kind of disagree with HoN being more team based. In HoN and Dota almost any champion has carry potential. HoN is much more about a persons individual skill than the team as a whole.