Imyourhero's Food shop! (Buy, sell, or trade [raw or cooked])

Srry but this shop has been closed if you want anything please come to this thread

Srry for this incoivince it is just i have changed plans on this.

Rs name: mushu200
Item: 200 cooked salmon, 10 redberry pie
Cost: 7k

Total: 7k

ok order coming up. if it ain’t done by april 15 it is half off too.

rs name: me strider
item: 500 anchovies

note: i know it says not to, but if possibl I’d like 1k anchovies and I’ll add another 500gp donation


with another 5k, for the rest of the anchovies

no but you can order it again once i get done with it

I’ll work on the order.

oh and cooked or raw. I’ll get them raw and cook them if you need them cooked.

k ill take lobbies,and nice shop ill prob order more lata

Rs name: lionhart136
Item: 60 cooked lobbies
Cost: 13.5k
Donation: 1.5k
Total: 15k

i woud like 400 loby how much???raw ples

cooked please

Rs name: Drag9999
Item: 100 raw lobsters
Cost: 22.5k
Donation: 2.5k
Total: 25k

ok coming up

i’m on yours too destoryer_ha… other guy look at maxs.

k thx ill be on the game so jus msg me in the game and ill pick it up

got to get it and cook it first.

I have your 200 c sal read but not the 10 red pie yet…

Ok, you can cancel the redberry pies. I’ll pay you for them for the inconvenience

ok cool thanks for ordering :smiley:

rs name:iamcoolru
Item: 50 cooked swordies
cost: 15k
donation: 1 mil…lol jk 5k sounds good

by the way nice shop

nice one… thanks about comment and donation I will try and fill your order as soon as i’m avaible. if you notice from my signature i’m very busy and i’m not on alot.

Btw the salmon is waiting to be taken if not taken in 30days, May 5th, I will use them for my own use.


Thanks for completing my order, add mushu200 on RS

Ok. Thanks for ordering and come to one of my other shops soon (In my signature)