"In God We Trust" Removement....

Well it was in the news. The guy who wanted the pharse “one nation under god” removed from the pledge of alligence is back but this time hes after somthing more.

He wants the phrase “In God we trust”, which btw is all over U.S. currency, removed from all our currency. He says its not fair that the word god it everywhere and that it is not only an insult but it is unfair to Athiests.

I want to know everyone’s veiws on this because the U.S. currency could be changed if he wins in court next week.

My View:

I don’t care if its removed or not. It doesn’t bother me. If he wants it removed that bad then he can stand up for what he believes in (or doesn’t believe in). Its not really my problem because whether the phrase is there or not it doesn’t make money less valuable. As long as my money stays the same I don’t care.

As always in a thread where people discuss their views, try not to flame. It doesn’t do much and it always ends up badly. Sometimes it ends up with one or more people getting banned.

they prolly wont take it off because they would have to make so much more money…

Ya and there’s the problem. Like I said I could care less if he takes it out or not. Its not my problem as long as my money stays the same.

its stupid… ppl complaing about that.

He’s a fag. This government was made under a christian foundation and its a christian nation. In my opinion thats how we became so strong. It’s a christian country. He can get out if he doesnt like it

Oh, and it would make the currency of now officially vintage, raising value over time.

It maybe a christian country but people assume when they say god on the money they mean the King of England. I don’t know why they assume that (maybe because thats what it used to be like) but thats what it said on the news.

The kings of england were never regarded as gods. dont believe everything you hear.

eh, i dont belive in god or any thing, but come on! its just afew little words…i hate ppl that complain about nothing…hes making a big deal ova nothing…I think hes spoild…he grew up spoild now he wants the world changed to is liking…i saw we should make the words BIGGER just to mess with him…;D

Have any of you considered how stupid the saying actually is? It’s like having “I hope this works” written on our money. This country is supposed to be completely neutral when it comes to people’s beliefs, so it just shouldn’t be there. Granted, this is the worst possible time to do pretty much anything that would cost money, but seriously…

The name of God is all over our Government… So much for seperation of church and state. Look at the court system… “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth…God”. The pledge of alliegence, songs, etc… God, no matter if you view him as the Christian Lord, or a Hindu Brhama, is a figure of our lives in the USA.

The question is, should it be? We know that it is, it’s just the 20th-21st century is practically a 2nd reniassance.
edit:I didnt quite finish that thought, I meant to say: It’s not a theocracy for good reason.

I recall I set up a poll about this quite a while ago.
I see this guy, and see a man who is angry at Christianity. I do not see a crusader for atheism, i see a man on an irrational crusade against religion in general, and Christianity specifically. And then I think, what is the point?
In other words, I hate him on religious AND intellectual grounds.

It’s a christian country. We’ve got a christian president. This country was FOUNDED on christian beliefs. Many believe that thats the only reason this country is as great as it is today.

kingofallpie, you’re amazingly intelligent.

Ha! Surley society can change, or else science would be heracy and all leaders would be of the country’s most prevolent religion…[/joke]And you should probably take a look around the country before you decide how great it is(compared to how great it could be, of course). He’s on a “crusade” against christianity because that’s where the government always oversteps it’s bounds. It’s supposed to be open to all beliefs, and it’s supposed to be a democracy, not a theocracy(although it’s kind of a republic…).

You say that it should be open to all beliefs. He is trying to basically force Christianity out of everyones beliefs (at least in public) and enforce his own. I dont see the gov overstepping its bounds on Christianity, if there are any at all.
I dont see Bush asking the Pope for advice anyway, so its still not a theocracy.

I used to think the same way you do. I used to think America sucked but now im a patriot. Every country has its flaws, including America. America, however, is simply without a doubt the best country. It’s great compared to others.

ohh xgc, shut your ignorant pie hole =D

this is not a christian america

a good 90% of the founding fathers were not chrisitan

the virginia rights of religios freedom, a major influence to key parts of the us constitution states just that, religion and government are not to be mixed

the whole constitution is written areound deistic beliefs, as the founding fathers were just that

( sorry for the insults but i hate when people say america is christian, it goes to show how ignorant they are )

benjamin franklin, thomas jefferson, john adams, all were deistic, if you dont know who they are… please die or leave the country, i prefer you do the first…

deistics believe in god. but no hocus pocus jesus turning crap into food. no wannabe satan trying to make everyone evil. no angels who fight deamons hidden on earth. no books to rule their lives. not old pedaphiles who teach us to hate our selves. none of that.

they believe in god… thats about it. they are scientif and they appeall to logic, they relate god to science, not science to god as the ignorant masses do. countries that are truely founded on christianity didnt do too well. england is not christian, it was taken over by christians. italy is not christian, it was prosperous along with all of the roman empire ( greece, persia, ect ) then it fell apart from size but was still strong, christians came and it basically… sucked…

crusades, ohh no those are the catholics… guess what they sitt live eat and breate the same bs from the bible…

america is deistic, but chrisitans being the majority and as egotistical as they are, are trying to say it has and always was christian. sorry for you and your ego trips however, it isnt. never has, and if it ever becomes. i will be canadian =) their not as stupid as the christian masses of america… ( not saying all christians are dumb, but the majority of the sheep are )

A) The US was never founded as a theocracy. That was far from the founders’ intentions. They were trying to get AWAY from any sort of theocracy.
B) What would the nation have to be like to be great? The government pays for everyone to live? No one needs any money? Nothings perfect dude. The US is great compared to what many other nations. Think about it: you’re free to post here without the government censoring you. (Impossible in china, middle east, yada yada…)
C) The US was not formed as a democracy, rather a federal republic with checks and balances. The founding fathers avoided a pure democracy for very good reasons, such as the fact that in a pure democracy, the majority, whether it be 81% or 50.1% would have absolute rule. The minorities would have no influence at all. The founding fathers put checks in place such as the electoral college in order to balance out the rights of the majority and the rights of the minority. They wanted to ensure that neither the rights of the majority or the rights of the minority would be oppressed.

"this is not a christian america

a good 90% of the founding fathers were not chrisitan"

–As a matter of fact, the belief that the founding fathers were deists is largely a myth created by those who would like it to be otherwise. And I quote from a reputable source:
“Among the Founding Fathers and the First Amendment men were many staunch practicing Christians.” “Even the doubting and the unenthusiastic were quite clear that religion was needed in society, especially in a vast, rapidly growing, and boisterous country like America.” John Adams writes: “The second day of July, 1776 will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America… it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as a great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as tahe day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty” (This was a letter to Abigail, prior to the actual signing of the declaration - hence the wrong date [July 2, 1776]) In another letter, “One great advantage of the Christian religion is that it brings the great principle of the law of nature and nations, love your neighbour as yourself, and do to others as you would that others should do to you – to the knowledge, belief and veneration of the whole people.” Madison held exactly the same view, and even Jefferson would endorse it.

Paul Johnson’s A History of the American People, a 1,000 page text as well as a national bestseller, favorably reviewed by Newsweek, NY Times Book Review, LA Times and others.

Lol that blew me away.

you’re free to post here without the government censoring you

Does that count on the grounds that it is now legal (thanks to the passing of the “patriot” act.) for FBI agents to spy on whoever they please? They could be reading what we are posting. Viewing as guests. No I am not paranoid but it happens. They can tap into your phones, listen to your converstations, hell even spy on you while your using the toilet, all without a warrent.

Well, (A) was my point, (B) use your imagination, and (C) In our republic, as in most, the leader has too much power. Checks and balances, as you say, are elements of a democracy. In a republic, it’s much easier for the rights of the majority or the minority to be opressed.
edit: ^^^^^Yeah, the FBI uses the patriot act illegally alot. You’re not at risk unless you’re a drug dealer or a terrorist.