In need of a rune ess miner? Come here!

Do you need lot of rune ess? I can help mine some for you! The cost is 10gp for each rune. Please post here if you wish to hire me!

i’ll buy 5000 from ya. if you don’t have them ready yet, i’ll buy 1000 at a time.

contact me later 2nite, name: Archaist

ill buy 1k
my rs username is: Airisus

i will buy all the ess u get. my runescape username is dandws2

thats pretty cheap 10 gp ea… normally its around 25K for 1K essence…

I’ll buy 10K Ess For 200K-250K


I will buy as many as you can sell…up to 500k of them

i will buy all rune ess
comtact me in game r on rsr.
my runescape name is dandws2

please contact me on rs r on rsr

my rs screen name is dandws2

i will buy all the ess u can get