in search of myreque complete (all quests complete again)

all quests completed again :slight_smile: lol, 145 qp’s.

nnnnnnniiiiiiiccccccceeeee man 8O thats cool that uv done all quests

congtraulations man i’m only in the 80’s lol

yea, i love quests :slight_smile: lol, i used to hate them but when i started doing them and realised i was good at them, i did them all lol.

lol same here,cept i havnt done them all

Wow 8O
thats cool! ive only done 2 quests lol :lol: :lol:

congrats, i bet it took a while to do that

not really nemisis, i went on a mission and went from like 41 odd qp’s to 107 in 2 days, then i did legends and finished what quests were left over, i went on a quest mission, and whenever a new quest comes out i do it straight away. :).

wow lol wanna help me on some so i can get 107 to start legends…i hate quests lol…most of them are just wastes of time in my opinion…plus i only need 107 so i can get into the jungle to do my treasure trail lol

how many you got birjelman? i might help you, i only really like doing them for myself, i dont even like going on my friend char and doing them for him lol, but if i grit my teeth i might be able to help you :wink:

Birjel I totally agree I can’t stand quests! I sucked it up and got to 107 so I could do my treasure trail but I doubt I ever finish all quests!

haha hey sports, i know you h8 quests, you were moanin about it on aim while you were doing them lol.

p.s, go on now.

Hate isnt even the word, its more like “despise”

that was a fun quest lol ive done all quests too

was it hard cos im thinking about doing it, and could u right a quest guide.??

I need 107 qp as well for a trail, im at 101 so far.

i dont want to bother doing that quest rewards dont look good

could u help me with it i pay 20k
or yew logs

could u help me with it i pay 20k
or yew logs[/quote]

sure if you get all the items you need to start it.


I finished new quest too :smiley: and i have 145 qps.

My friend pays me to do quests for him lol.