really hard to explain what the inquisition is. Think of it like the “religion police.” This basically refers broadly to a number of historical movements surrounding the suppresion of heresy by the Roman Catholic Church. Or in this case, the inquisition torture and prosecute those “sinners.” There will be a tower east of north varrock full of inquisitors. There will also be inquisitors at the saradomin church and the altar area at the castle. they will wear full monk robes and will be lvl. 45 or lvl. 86 (the weak ones have yellow hair wielding rune mace and the strong ones have grey hair wielding d mace and uses the special on you). These guys will enforce “the holy will of saradomin” and extreminate the “sinners” (the “sinners” will be referred to followers of guthix, zamorak, and zaros. Guess what, they highly hate gnomes and dwarves because they follow guthix, apparently all of these three “sinner” gods are noobs and are way weaker than saradomin. And did I mention that guthix, saradomin, and zammy hate each other and guthix is always caught in the middle. Bah, who needs balance of good and evil, it’s impossible to achieve). Apparently, if you wear something zamorak, guthix, or zaros related (the only zaros related item in the game is the staff), they WILL be aggressive and calling you a “sinner.” Basically, they are good on traing since they will always attack your butt. Here are some of the loots:

“weak” inquisitors:

common (75%):
coins (15-100)
herbs (sometimes 2, and u most likely to get marrentril or harralanders)
chocolate cakes
ball of wool
rune essences (noted)
raw lobby
monk robes (both top and bottom)
potato seeds
tomato seeds
strawberry seeds
pot of flour
holy symbol (or mould)
steel bars
50 steel arrows
mind runes (25)

semi-common (50%):
(noted) harralander or ranaar
cooked swordie
mithril bar
herb seeds (1)
15 mithril arrows
gold bar
combo of steel and mithril bars
laws (2-3)
chaos (8)
cosmics (2)
nature tailsman or tiaras
tiaras of four basic elemental runes (fire, air, earth, water)

rare (20%):
rune mace
rune full helm
rune dagger
prayer pots (2 dose)
uncut gems

very rare (10%):
natures (25)
ring of recoil
ring of dueling
mystic staff of any element

extremely rare (2%):
(charged) glory ammy
saradomin pages (1-4)*
clue scroll (level. 2)
law tally

“strong” inquisitors:

common (75%):
coins (100-1200)
herbs (most likely ranaars)
chocolate cakes
cooked swordie
mithril bars (2 sometimes)
steel bars (3 sometimes)
holy symbol
strawberry seeds
watermelon seeds
castle wars saradomin cape or hood
monks robes (top and bottom)
vials (filled with water)
gold bars
chaos (20)
75 steel arrows
35 mithril arrows

semi-common (50%):
prayer pots (4 dose)
anchovy pizza
laws (3-8)
deaths (6)
herb seeds (2)
variety of white armory and weapons
addy schimmy
addy mace
cosmics (4)

rare (20%):
rune schimmy
uncut gems
rune bars (2)
cute dragonstone
charged glory ammy
ring of wealth
natures (6)

very rare (10%):
d mace
ring of dueling
blood runes (random number)
magic logs
cooked shark
games necklace
law tally

extremely rare (2%):
half a key
clue scroll (level 3)
saradomin pages*
d spear
rune boots

*you only get the pages after horror from the deep quest and chose holy book as your option, if you have one of the pages already, then you will not get the same page again. Ex: if sickmate got pg. 1 and 4 already in the book, then he doesn’t get them again.

I will also create a quest involving with these guys.

Physical proof that zaros followers are “sinners”: remember my inquisitor armor (white armor and holy symbol), well i went down to the bandit’s camp south of bedabin and all of these guys start attacking me for no apparent reason. And most ppl at al-kharid dessert supports zaros according to one source. therefore, some ppl there are “sinners.” luckily that bandit camp doesn’t involve with some quest.

i reckon runescape should get a zammy stronghold, a sara stronghold and a guthix stronghold for their followers, then it should have horses, so ppl can ride everywhere instead, and u should be able to have a scabbard for u sword on ur back, in otherwords, make me a game editor an ill get it all straight :slight_smile:

yeah, i like the inquisitor idea, and on the quest they should make like the wanted quest, after that you can get white knights armor, and then the inquisitors should have different clothes, and after the quset you need to kill sinners to get your rank higher, and then you are able to get acess to new thing form them
and i think that jagex should make a game editor, and then people could make their ideas, and suggest them to jagex

the quest is as long and as hard as legends. One of the rewards is a holylight (good version of silverlight, since there is already an evil version of it already), it have the strength of a d longsword (60 attack requred), does real GOOD damage on demons, and absorbs prayer points from your opponent (2 per each damage point done on enemy) and uses 100% drain.

the inquisito idea reallllllllllllly rocks!!!

david jpb,theres already a suggestion query.

Ummm…yeah. The inquisitors are actually saradomin followers. They hunt down and torture guthix, zammy, and zaros followers (and it does include dwarves and gnomes, you know which god they follow).

great idea to me :slight_smile: execpt make the inquisitors stronger cuz they drop pretty good stuff

BTW, I found out that once you lose your law tally, you lose it pernamently. So I have these guys drop it in very rare cases (also the quest that i mention, you will need it)

rite im fed up of evry1 sayin guthix is weak guthix stopped the 1000 year war between zammy and sara in 1 second he created them he is the strongest and can wipe anything out in a single sencond
taht is all

Yeah, you might need to check the PM i send ya, i think saradomin is stronger.

Off topic: Nice siggy, i like ur guy doing the pommel horse.

great idea but what are zaros?? or did you make them up becouse bandits will atack you if you hav anything sara on…

I didn’t made it up, i actually experienced it. Besides, i think it was zybez site that said most ppl at the dessert back zaros.

off topic: ^^^^^^^^^if ur a male teen, why do u like cute things and skirts?

If there are Sara inquisitors, shoudn’t there be for Zammy,Guthix and Zaros?

To tell you the truth, I am one of the most unusal person in the world.

Back on topic: The new quest will actually be longer than legend, but the difficulty is about the same as legends.

legends is pretty easy… jus very long and at some points;complicated

tthe wise old man is saradomin,lololollolollol!!!

Well, here’s the quest (because it is long, i may make multiple posts, first part is the trials):

The Inquisition:
Throughout years, the inquisition wants to exterminate every “sinner” through Runescape in order to keep peace in the world. However, all of these tortures not only extended to zamorak followers but to guthix and zaros followers. Clearly, they believe that saradomin is the “most superior god of Runescape.” Can you stop the inquisition before they do more extent damage?

Meanwhile… special festival is held at Lumbrage for the Duke’s ruling of lumby for 20 years (the festival will have minigames, i will explain in another topic).


Diffculty: Very Hard

Skills needed: 60 thieving (90 thieving if you want to search traps on the inquisition chest, which gives you 20k gp, 100 laws, 2 runite bars, and a law tally which you will need for the quest).
75 woodcutting
68 smithing
54 runecrafting (i noticed all quests, except rune mysteries, doesn’t involve with runecrafting)
50 farming
46 prayer
60 magic
60 agility
52 herblore
46 crafting
55 mining
30 thieving
45 cooking
32 slayer (one part, you will need to kill mogres)
76 fishing
60 attack

Shadow of the Storm
A Tail of Two Cats
Wanted! (need master ranking)
Heroes Quest
Hazeel Cult (siding with hazeel will find you guilty)
Sea Slug (optional, but this determines if you are guilty or not, if you don’t finish this quest, you will be found guilty on that part)
Throne of Miscelania
Family Crest (optional, but not recovering the crest will find you guilty)
DO NOT do tribal totem, or you will be found guilty.
Monkey Madness
Cook’s Assistant (this determines if you are guilty or not)
Lost Tribe
Garden of Tranquility
(note: most of the optional quests can be done/not done during the quest, but before the trials)

Start: king of varrock

  1. talk to the king of varrock, he said he needs you investigate how his inquisition is doing. He will tell you to attend the lumbrage festival.
  2. go to lumbrage, now what you do here will affect you on the trials (btw, this is quite similar to the first part of chrono trigger). Here is the parts that will effect the trials later on:

a) there will be a table in the castle that have a table with an item called “Kevin’s spaghetti.” And an npc will be nearby named Kevin is there. DO NOT take his spaghetti (BTW, you can eat it but doesn’t heal much, 6 hp).
b) There will be a girl who said she can’t find her cat, go to lumby swamp and you should find a cat. First pet it, then feed it with a tuna (if you don’t do this, you cannot pick up the cat). Then give the cat back to the girl.
c) Do NOT steal anything at miscelania or kill someone WITHIN 2 HOURS before you started the quest (or during the quest).
d) The king of varrock have a princess (prince if your character is a girl), talk to him/her near the jewellry stand. He/she said that he/she is doing some jewellry shopping and wants you to stay with him/her because they feared on being kidnapped. Now, DO NOT move anywhere. Wait for 30 seconds, the prince/princess will say he/she is done, then you can move again. (The jewellry seller stocks every ammy , ring, and necklace enchanted with exception of diamond and dragonstone)
e) get master ranking of white knights (you can even do this before the trials). And don’t kill any white knights since the start of the quest).
f) there is a pickpocket causing trouble at lumbrage, kill him (he’s fairly easy, lvl. 5 combat)
g) Do NOT steal from any stall in the lumbrage festival (Only during the quest. Stalls include the following, pasta stall, cake stall, gold stall, jewellry stall, mithril stall, silk stall, fur stall, and archery stall.

Got that, now enter the lumbrage castle and talk to the duke. He said he is satisfied with the festival but he wants a special gift from guthix and he wants you talk to the gnome king at grand tree.

  1. Now go to grand tree and talk to the gnome king. He will give you a ruby amulet of guthix. Now as you leave the entrance of gnome stronghold of the entrance (you cannot leave by glider or tree in this part), an inquisitor will appear and said you are under arrest for talking to a follower of a pagan god (guthix) and you being possessed by guthix. Apparently you will try to neglect this fact, but the inquisitor said he saw you with the gnome king. Apparently, you will have you will dispose to him and you will get into a battle. This inquisitor is lvl. 60 and drops a rune mace. Now go to lumby and give the amulet to him.

  2. Now talk to king of varrock, he will accuse you of being a sinner and an inquisitor will appear an knock you out.

  3. Now, you will be in a court room with three judges (guys who are bald, white beards and wearing monk robes) and 12 jurors (suppringly, they’re monks!!). Now certain stuff you did in at lumbrage and certain quests you did will determine your fate of being guilty or not (in order to be “guilty,” at least 6 votes said “guilty”). If you are found guilty, you will be sent to execution. Apparently, you will be taken through 12 parts (btw, it is very long cutscene, some parts will be skipped depending on how you did certain quests or such, also all your weapons and armor will be removed of your weapons inventory, but don’t worry, they will be placed back into your bank [if no space, the computer will remove the LEAST valuable item off your bank to make space, and it does include leftover quest items]):

Part A: Hazeel Cult quest, if you side with hazeel, a boy from clivet will accuse you for killing their dog, which you will be found guilty. If you side with clivet, you will be found not guilty.
Part B: tribal totem. If you finished this quest, you will be found guilty.
Part C: cook assistant, if you did this quest, you will be found not guilty.
Part D: sea slug, doing this will find you not guilty
Part E: family crest, doing this will find you not guilty
Part F: white knights, if you get master ranking, you will be not guilty, but if you killed a white knight since the start of the quest, you WILL be sorry.
Part G: stealing something (or killing someone) at miscelania will find you guilty
Part H: if you attempt to move to another place while the prince/princess was jewellry shopping (even teleporting), you will be guilty.
Part I: find the girl’s cat will find you not guilty.
Part J: if you didn’t kill the pickpocket causing trouble during the festival, you will be found guilty.
Part K: Kevin’s spaghetti, taking it will find you guilty.
Part L: stealing something at lumby (including npcs) will find you guilty.

Here is the example of verdicts, let’s take Sptcrt2000 for example (for not supporting me when i’m trying to get a d hatchet):

Part A: guilty
Part B: guilty
Part C: not guilty
Part D: guilty
Part E: not guilty
Part F: guilty
Part G: guilty
Part H: guilty
Part I: guilty
Part J: not guilty
Part K: guilty
Part L: guilty

Well, well, he is sooooo dead.

Now here is a not guilty verdict by sickmate:
Part A: guilty
Part B: not guilty
Part C: not guilty
Part D: not guilty
Part E: not guilty
Part F: not guilty
Part G: not guilty
Part H: not guilty
Part I: not guilty
Part J: not guilty
Part K: not guilty
Part L: not guilty
this means he is not guilty, but even if you are found that out, you will still be thrown into the prison and execution (more explained later).

To be continued…

wow,long but ncie!!!

ok im going to do the second part, it involves with escaping off prison and something involving with law tally.