Insanity in the economy.

Rare prices are getting out of hand. I imagine that by the end of the year, blue phats, for example, will be over 100 mil. As of this writing, they are already above 50 mil each. This is insane.

Such things are drastically changing the economy on RS. Prices of rare drops are dropping while prices of holiday rares are skyrocketing.

Do you think that Jagex should do anything about this, such as make holiday drops untradeable (I know that all future drops are untradeable, but the old ones can still be traded), release more of them, or just let things be?

I completely agree about rare items dropping in price. When granite mauls first came out, my friend bought one for 7 million. My other friend bought one for like 750k a month ago and now people are selling them for about 300k (from what I’ve heard.) Whips used to be 22+ million, now they’re around 8-9 million, I think. Santa Hats are drastically going up in price. I took a few days off of RS and I log into Varrock and see someone saying, “Selling santa hat for 1.5 mil!” I think that the only rare drop that hasn’t gone down in price is the Dragon Chainmail, and I’m not too sure if it’s gone up…I don’t know what to do, I mean, people worked hard for those partyhats and santa hats but it’s kind of getting ridiculous…although I don’t think JaGeX will do much if anything about it.

I just wish I had taken my own advice and put all my money in rares about 6 months ago…

About 7 months ago, halloween masks were incredibly cheap, compared to today’s economy. I bought a green halloween mask 7 months ago for 300k, sold it for 400. The price has more then quadrupled in 7 months; it’s rediculous.

I think that the smartest move Jagex made against this was to make the future drops untradable. I resent people such as duke freedom, who make all of their money on rares. I’m not saying it’s bad, but on holiday drop days, Duke Freedom would buy literally around 50 masks at 20k each. He would wait a month and sell them to make 5 times the profit.

Jagex should, in all honesty, make past drops untradable. But this would cause an uproar: The people that merchant these items greatly outweigh the people that want them untradable. It would cause Jagex to lose a bit of money due to members quitting.

As for rare drops, dragon prices are dropping because, I believe, the barrows. The barrows are far more powerful then dragon, and therefore people tend to want barrows over dragon. Dragon is less wanted and therefore costs less.

Ya I agree From what I’ve seen lately on world 2 falador holiday drop prices are out of control. While really cool items like treasure trail rewards, and dragon armor are declining at a rate as fast as the raares are increasing. I still don’t see how merchanters are making the price increase so fast if the same number of rares stays constant…It would help alot if someone explained this to me lol.

it’s the demand part of “supply and demand”

Well it sorta benefitted me today when I bought a robin. They much cheaper now then a month ago lol.

Buy something at 300k, you get bored of it, sell it for 325k. The person you sell it to gets bored of it, sells it for 350k, etc etc…

I don’t reckon they should become untradeable andbe kept, if they did this people would pay billions more to get a rare before they do.

Also the untradeable items are a symbol of how long you’ve been playing, some people are that good enough at merchanting that they have got a rare in like 1 month of starting.

What I reckon Jagex should is get rid of them entirely make them untradeable for a period of time, then make it so you can sell to general store for the right price (blue p hat 50 mill etc) then they are gone forever. If people dont sell to general store then they loose it entirely and get no money :smiley:

Its just stupid jagex doesnt do holiday drops any more. If Jagex, for instance, dropped some kind of tradable item on halloween, that was cool, the prices of other items would be moderated because of the increase of wanted items into the system. I personally wish they had made the scythe tradable, that woulda been wreckin awesome

Yeah I agree because right now my scythe is just wasting bank space…it would be really nice to sell it or something…lol

Yeah, they stoped doing it because they didn’t want beggers, and they wanted to quell the economy… Well then, why don’t they just do away with previous droped items? “Because lots of people enjoy them…” Well, then I say why not keep it going; make more holiday drops, and stop being stupid… If they want to make more real money, make the holiday drops only avalable to Members. That way they can still have the drops and keep the economy from declining…

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It seems to be one of those problems without a viable solution. It’s just frustrating.

Yeah, I just found out for sure JaGeX won’t do anything about it. I was browsing the official forums in either the suggestions or rants forum (don’t remember which one) and a Forum Mod posted something saying they would never make the new holiday drops tradeable and items like scythes and bunny ears would never be tradeable either.

They really have no reason to do that, but. whatever… The drops were fine the way they were, but Jagex thinks that it is bad for the economy… Well that’s O.K. people will just find another way to ruin the economy and then they’ll have to ruin some other things about the game too… :mad:

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THey have found that way…it’s by the insane demand for phats. I mean, the blue phat has what, doubled?? in the past couple months…

Without drops… The scale just continues to tip towards a bad economy… The tradable drops would actually help the RuneScape economy, however, there is nothing we can do about it… It is the worst idea that I ever heard. …but whatever!

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In the rants forum once this dude was saying that we all have to make the economy crash so we can start it over and it’ll be fixed…

In theory… It’s a bit… on the crazy side, but might work…

Realistically, no one would agree to it…

I would almost call the rise in rare drop prices disgusting, I mean, I truely cannot understand why the prices have gone up so drastically. I’m worried about what’s going to happen though, rather than what has happened, think of what phats will be in a month, or a year…

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Yeah, all I know is a few months ago people sold green masks for like 750k. Now on the forums, I see people selling them for 50 mil?!