inside the DEATH altar!!!

fake rate /10

sickmate 8)

thats pretty good…

lol i reckon i kinda stuffed the glow round the edge tho…
sickmate 8)

no…really…thats awesome…im speechless

ok i dont need to exaggerate it but its 9.9999/10

nice 9/10 but isn’t that the air altar? lol

Hehe a flower in the death altar. It’s pretty good. The glow is ok.

Oh Tight!!! 1000000000000000000000/10

9/10 it looks nice

wow very nice 9/10. whys there a flower there though

seing how the chaos temple is a pain in the arse to get to the alter xD 7/10 - death would never be that easy (OO)

Woah that’s amazing. 9.7/10

What alter did u edit to make it? did u use another alter and just edit it?

i actually thoughtit was real till i saw it said “rate fake”
so 9/10 the fading round the edge is good

hey thats pretty awesome, i like the white glow around the edge 9/10

Nice work, i love the crossed skulls (death rune sign) on the altar rocks… that adds to the dangerouse “death” effect of the runes… lol

Wow, nice pic, sickmate! It looks really good, the edges are a little rough but overall a very solid picture. 9.5/10.

A rare 10/10 from Pure here, nice work, send it to JaGeX!

Whoa nice! WOnder what it will look like someday… 9/10!

wow how do you make those??? thats amazing

that’s awesome 10/10 u should send it to jagex and see if they will make a death altar that would be really cool