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Gym Leader

Hello, Welcome to Insignia, your Home of PKing. We are a Combat clan based off of player killing in the wilderness. We have high requirements, but nothing not easily gotten with a little bit of work. We are all 80+ Combat, and we all train most combat Stats. We are not a clan of pures, just regular based fighters, wanting to earn money through a clan and player killing.

Now, If you meet our requirements, surely you can join! But there is more than just that. We have RULES. All members MUST stay active on the boards. We basically require 3 posts per day. Which is all of about 5 Minutes, not so hard is it? And we also require you stay active to events. Thats the fun part though!

Insignia has a long range of events. Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, you think of it and we have it! We have a long list of plans every year, and if you have a suggestion for the clan, post it, and we will have a look. Plus, members can make there own events, if they feel like leading one. (You are not required to attend Clan Member Made Events).

~Events Listing!~
Fire Fest
KBD Trips
KQ Trips
2 Weekly PK Trips
1 War+ Per Month (Iron, Steel, Mith, Etc)
Drop Party
Duel Arena Matches
Free For Alls (FFA’s)
And On… And On… And On…

Now for the most important part. The Requirements. We have no exeptions for the clan what-so-ever, so if you do not meet ALL requirements, PLEASE do not Apply. Same goes for skillers, even though your excuse may be “I Dont Train Combat but I can fish” you WILL be DECLINED.

[li]MUST Be A Member[/li]
[li]MUST Be 80+ Combat[/li]Or
MUST Be 70+ Magic
MUST Be 75+ Ranging

[li]MUST Stay Active On Forums[/li]
[li]MUST Stay Active On Trips[/li][/ul]

Runescape Names:
Runescape Level:
Why Do You Want To Join Insignia:
Any Previous Clans You Were In:
Why Did You Quit Them:
Do You Have Gym Leader Added:
Other Comments:

After Applying you will have to attend our trips for 2 weeks before you are officially let in. This will verify your account and prove you will stay active. Also, you MUST post on the boards during this time, an average of 3 posts per day.


1.) No Attacking Teammates
2.) No Treason
3.) No Swearing To Extent
4.) Listen To ALL Leaders
5.) Attack ANYONE Who Attacks You
7.) NO SAFE WORLDS, We Are Honorable!