internet connection

what internet connection do you have do you like it?

i use cable from comcast and it rocks!

I use quest DSL with fire fox.

Cable from advanced cable communications.

1mb cable from Blueyonder

dam all this time i thought dsl ruld the world for internet connection looks to difer.

i use aol 9.0 se… it sucks couse of the stupid dile up connection wich aol has brode band connectioin as well but i dont use it

nitte you should pay for the broadband its a difference and its like 2 3 bucks more

I use cable from comcast

1mb from blueyonder, firefox and swiftswicth

orkin where you from im from florida cause i kno there only a certain amount of places that have comcast

i use comcast high speed cable…it’s pretty fast

Cables better…And I thought most people would have dial-up, weird now it seems every body has cable? Although I do think t1 connection is the fastest.

not that i have it but you’re missing t3 in your pool

o and i use cable from comcast

just so u guys no t1 and t3 or higher is just faster dsl oh and aol is either dial up cable or dsl

and i use dsl

i use dsl 1mb although its still kinda slow at times

Comcast high-speed internet is awsome! Lol virtual high-five I use the speed of Comcast with the versatility and security of Firefox.


I use a cable thing.
I’m guessing it’s similar to Comcast.

It is highspeed.


cable because its fast as hell :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve got DSL, it’s the fastest connection I’ve seen. :slight_smile:

I used to have Cable with Comcast, but then I switched to Yahoo DSL… I think they are all the same…