Interview with Zezima

This came off of Tip.It, and I found it on TR, where I am a mod.

I actually learned quite a bit :slight_smile:

Lol, very nice, not a fake btw peeps!

Zezima is full of it, he isn’t this nice on the game he is very rude.

You try being the most famous man on RS, and being bombarded with comments, ect. I would be too.

Saying congrats on maxing out to him and him calling me a noob for it is not excuse…

to me he acts like a big noob lmao =P

I have nothing against zezima, i read the whole interview and learnt a lot.

He’s not the nerd/rs junkie or whatever you want to call him, he has worked very, very hard to get 99 all skills and people call him a nerd for it.

Also, if you put your private chat on for a minute if you’re zezima, you get about 1k messages sent to you saying hi or you’re cool or even your such a nerd or something like that.

If anything i have respect for him, for sticking with rs even though he gets harrased by other rs players.

Just my view…