Inventory picture

Well, my best items and most of my money are on my pures. Here is my old main, however, before he goes about his trading in Varrock.

Btw, that is 3.26 mil if anyone is interested.

Wow nice former main Archasgame5! Nice items as well… I paly RS2 but RSC still seems like a fun game lol

I’m really liking the amount of cash you have there, Archas. :). You own at RSC PKing. The scythe, santa hat, and the amount of runes are also sweet!

I have tons more runes on my mage :slight_smile: And more cash. Maybe someday I will put it all together…

Nice Archas… Can you add me on RSC? I need someone to talk to because most people are autoers…

RSC Name- Captain Zap9

I will talk to you about that later Zap, because I have so many different characters I wouldn’t know which ones to add you on. I will talk to you next week, going to Florida today :slight_smile:

THATS MANY MONEY!!! (for me) cool!

Lol kinda off-topic but I just realized that you, Archasgame5, are a hardore RSC fan! Lol :smiley: Okay I’m out fo da night. Peace.


cool but i im to retarded to play rsc i dont understand it

Very nice inventory. i play RS2 but u know…RSC sounds fun too.

I have been doing a lot more trading recently, and sold both my party hats. I will post a new picture soon to show you guys what double digit mils looks like in classic :slight_smile:

Wow very nice, but can that scythe be used on RS2, i wonder.

yes, i’ve seen a couple people pull out a scythe in rs2. it was awesome.

Ha, you are such a high lvl you are wearing black armor. What combat lvl is that account??? Although I really like some of those stuff!

That character is only level 65, I haven’t trained him in almost 2 years. I like the black armor as an outfit :slight_smile:

Nice, RSC is hard :S

i cant see it!!!

i can’t see it :guilty: :frown:

I fixed the link…

is that what you have there good?