Inventory sale

Full Inititate
Highwayman Mask
8 unids
20 mith ores -Sold-
Half of a key
Amulet of accuracy
2k fire runes -Sold-
995 body runes
10 bloods
327 trouts -Sold-
1 Irit
1 Avantoe
2090 arrow shafts
48 rune arrows

Pm fighterrox in rs or post under here to negotiate the price. Ty! =)

7.5k for the mith ore

all the trout 10k

ill pay alot for those trouts

Hurry answer me back i will buy the fire runes for 25k :eek:

Soz pepeel, i sold thse fire runes already. Souless, pm me in rs

k tell me when you have more runes

How much are u taking for the highwayman mask? Maybe a bit cheaper than usual? (a LOT cheaper, maybe) hint,hint