invisible armor

i know it is very stupid but it is kind of cool looking eh? rate one through ten please (oh and just to let you know, this is what it would look like in the worn inventory where it shows what you are wearing)

and some legs

It’d be useful if you have a lot of people trying to chase you down for a bounty or stuff… But nice though 9/10…

SNIFF no one else likes it?

I think it does look pretty cool. Nice work on that. :smiley:

well its not really creative but i think it would be great if you want to sneek up on your enemy or something :smiley: 9/10

its ok 9.5/10 for creatave

Might be hard to take the color out of the armour but keep the outline. Nice work, 8.5/10

It looks more like granite armour due to the background so try it on a different background. Otherwise 9/10 i like it! :smiley:

LOL nice try 7/10 lol :lol:

Isn’t that automataically there where your plate is suppose to go…Doesn’t it show that picture just to tell you where your body armour\plate goes?

nice! 8/10

lady love, no they show something short of like this, but actually way different look and see for yourself :slight_smile:
edit: here it is

Oh, Ok thanks for clearing that up.

Wow. That would be an amazing idea. 10/10. :twisted:

Thats a great idea when some begger starts following you and begging for 10gp to go thru the al-kharid gate.

ha, its funny :lol: i like it 9/10

8/10 its decent :?

That is seriously 1337 :slight_smile: hahaha I LOVE IT i will have to buy me someof that :lol:

i was bored so i decided to make some legs

lol, that would be amazing if you could use it in wilderness and it made you kind of invisable :P, like a glassy effect :), you could ambush people with your clan, but that would be kinda unfair on other people lol. 8/10.