iraq and the middle east

well just because many of us do not have access to the forums to post our opinions does not mean that we can not have said opinions and having said opinions lol.
well as to that i want to post this as my current discussion.

what is the future of iraq and the middle east.
i believe that as soon as america and the coalition pull out all hell will break loose. the current population cannot live together in a democratic society. they are constantly trying to get the upper hand and take thier religion above all else. the result always ends the same. the only when the society is held together via fear and death can they possibly live together.i am not saying that that is a good thing and i wish man would stop commiting horrific acts against god in the name of god.

And God HELP the middle east. I don’t know what’s goig to happen there in the future, but it scares me.

yes i am worried that thier problems will spread and i hope something will stop it
i believe that afghanistan will work out just due to the people that live there

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