iron, coal, gold, mith ore, cowhides,steel bars

1698 iron-
51 gold-
1 mith-

847 cowhides-

144 steel bars-

OFFER!!! FIRST here first SERVE

Ill take the coal if for 165ea.

170ea for coal?

kk, whats ur rsn?

ill take the iron at 60 ea

hb direct, come to the bottom f2p world, amsterdam

forgot the #

varrock west bank

ill take iron at 70gp each

did u get all that after taking keysers class?

:blockhead -The dude

85ea for iron!!!

you must have over 5mil**cough* keysers class cough

Offer Im Going Cheap

Cowhides 75 ea? Steel 450 ea? Since you said cheap…

hides- 100ea.

yes on steel bars, get on now plz

rsn- hb direct

i need to sell this stuff ! cmon

Ok, I’m getting on now. World 90 varrok plz… RSN–> nortnort

hello… ill buy all gold ore 225ea

username: 1434sweet

i buy hides

ok ill have all iron at 75 ea

all cow hides at 125 gp each!

and 100 each on the iron!