Is He For Real?

Well I’ve always wanted to know if Osama Bin Laden is real or just a frigment of the Governments imagination. Now don’t mind my location. Its just a sort of joke. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe hes real but I haven’t found enough evidence that makes sense to prove that he is real.

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If someone could prove me wrong about my idea that he is either dead or doesn’t exsist It might be the first time I can be happy about being wrong.

Aren’t the videos of him proof enough?

Well there is new technology that can make up a person. I guess it might be able to be enough but still…

And Also no one can say that he was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. If he was then that means GWB helped him out when he got him and his family on a plane the next day. A private plane.

Yeah Maria, andy’s got a point. The US has video of him and he’s supposevly the leader of Al-Quida (sp?)

But like I said. There isn’t concrete hard proof that he is the leader. What hard feelings could he have against the US after the supposidly helped him fight off the USSR?

There is a lot of suspicion about the plane attacks. Check this flash out, it’s about the plane that hit the Pentagon

he was ashamed that we helped him…

I know I’ve watched that before. My uncle brought over a movie about that too. It showed that that plane was a miliatary plane that crashed into the World Towers. It had a missle at the bottom. Most likely it was an accident the government tried to blow up.

For some reason people who are from other countries have a better time believing that Bush isn’t smart. Most likely its the typical White Male who’s a republican not that Black Woman or Man.

I g2g watch Ellen. I’ll come back during comercial break or after Oprah is over. I love datetime.

Wow I watched the vid. Thats very interesting that A. The FBI was able to get to all the tapes THAT fast. and B. Very Strange that the gas station films weren’t realesed.

Pictures and Videos…

Well to not believe in Osama Bin Laden, you’d have to wonder about who planned out 9/11. Maybe he’s not real, but I choose to believe in him because it’s easier. It provokes less thoughts… Even if he was proved false the government would still deny falsifying it. Though, I have absolutely no trust in the government.

^ That about sums it up…

Actually it does make it easier. Xgod seems to sum up a lot of things on our minds…

Yes, he does that real well.
The whole ‘missile’ on one of the planes was a bulge in the underside that is normal on 757’s. It is where the wing meets the fuselage.

Oh ok. But the whole pentagon thing makes you wonder.

yeah, i know, it has 5 sides and all!!!
What pentagon thing? they targeted our command infrastructure.