is my avaitor against the rules?

is my avaitor against the rules?

well she is not naked so i suppose no

Actually yes it is it’s 78kb so you have to remove it, the maximum file size for an avatar is 10kb.

im guessing you changed it since it seems innocent now

Nope that demon one has a file size of 78kb.

i dont think thats what he meant

Hey its diablo!!! :twisted:

lol ya diablo rocks

nope my avatar is the best…


kicks, I can’t see your avatar… How could it be best?

It’s avatar not aviator. Aviator is someone who flies a plane. (I think)

Aren’t pilots the ones that fly planes?

he wasmakin a joke

Aren’t pilots the ones that fly planes?[/quote]

It’s something that has to do with flight, I’m sure of that at least.

whos diablo?

i am so sorry for my ignorance if its a character of a v-game

you changed you avantar.before it was a danceing lady with bacini top and bottoms>

ok diablo is a PC game that revolutionized RPG’s forever.

The boards were randomly simulated so you would most likely never get the same game layout. 8O

I don’t get what’s wrong with it… But I think it’s really cool.

just for all of u that still dont understand who diablo is,ill explain:diablo is from the game Diablo 2 made from Blizzard,and he is the final and toughest boss on the game.I played it forever until it some how stopped working

He’s also in the first one just wanna mention and yes he is the hardest boss in Diablo 2… He makes Baal look helpless… Only cause of that really cheap fire/lightning attack he has… >_<… Man that does so much damage…