is my man a good pker?

my rs name is bob man03 my stats are

combat: 82
strength: 70
attack 67
defence: 60
hp: 68
prayer: 43
magic: 50
range: 57

dont mind my sig… its for my pure…he blows

yes he is a pretty good pker. i always am 2 high 2 attack most peps.

ya thats pretty good for pking

Nah not really, unless you use a maul and attack people with low hp theres no way youll ever get kills… Youre defense it too high, stregnth too low, attack too high.

no not pure

It’s not a pure, its a hybrid, and sometimes hybrids score the most cuz they can switch into a mage or ranger or melee at a moments notice and can own all.

ty for your …comments

i just make an account wit everything pures r for people wit no lives i think
make an account for mining pure and stuff like that plain stupid

thats a good pker just get ur magic and rang up and str then ull be one of the best like the 1000

thats a really good pker.