is my range good for my lvl?

my range is 36, and my combat is 48.

not really if ur a pure im lvl 69 combat and got 71 and that aint really amazing for a pure, if u aint a pure then thats ok

im not a pure. i just like range

Not really. If it’s good for your level then it needs to be a little higher than your combat.

I think its high, just look at mine lol…

yea i guess its pretty good

Not bad considering mine

meh…for ur combat no. overall it is pretty bad.

It is an alright level

Ill soon be 85 combat 99 ranged the way im going.

Lol 99 Range in a year Probably :stuck_out_tongue: Well sorry but your range is kind of bad for your combat :frowning:

Well, if you are not a pure ranger, then that’s good for your level. I don’t think I got 40 ranged until I was level 65 or something…

dont mean to insult you but it is a bit lame, it should be a bit higher, maybe similar to your combat lvl, but even then you wouldnt be a pure, i am 55 mage, 52 combat, 43 att and str and 40 def, so i am not a pure i just like mage, good luck on getting it up

its…mediocre…its not that good…and not that bad