Is Our Opinion judged?

welll ive noticed that people nowadays judge you on anything you do…like maybe if you play a certain game ur called gay or if u do a certain activity ur retarted have u noticed our freinds and people around us judge us on about anything?

well i have not to me but they say it to pepps that play wow (world of warcraft).

I don’t hear anyone saying that. But it’s freedom of speech but you shouldn’t call people names for the games they play … except if your a 21 year old playing Tellitubbies. :slight_smile:

I did notice that. Luckily Im interested in all the things considered cool/

I’ve been noticing that alot lately. Not to me though.

of course people judge you, their feeling for some one are based on that person actions, and that person actions, is based on their opinion/belief

I make friends to those who don’t judge me on what i play or something, but just take me for who i am , we should all get away from that shallow grip that has took controle over us, to bad that not many people see that…

maybe somepeople try to distinguish people they want from people they don’t, people try to find patterns in behavior, if we were to take everyone for who they are, then who is to judge the murderer? the rapist? the theif?

i don’t think you can be a fiend with a rapist, murderer…

oh, but u can…

Shut up, you! Lol, im just kidding man. I mean hey! Im right here to be flamed for quitting Runescape for AdventureQuest!

whatever the hell aq is…

No offense but, but, but your kidding right?!?!

Nope, feel free to cuss me out!

i don’t feel like getting banned… again…

I wont cuss you out but, come on you quit rs for THAT? :mad:


Because I have a right to, and its fun.

I never said you couldn’t ,I said it’s best not to…( I insinuated ;))

i know im just messing around. My bro left rs for world of warcraft.

But i will stay on rs (unless if I get bored of it.)

Who decides what is cool or not? If someone says killing people is cool, will you follow that? If someone says jumping off bridges ir cool, or joining some satanic cult is cool, will you be interested? What is cool is based on what the media can sell. If the media can sell something it will most likely be cool. Those that follow those guidelines are conformists.

I for one am a non-conformist. I don’t follow the crowds because the people that do pretend to be people they aren’t, and it is stupid. People should not be judged whether they watch a certain thing, or wear certain clothes, but that is just the way this world works. As long as there is money and greed, there will always be people judged for who they actually are.