Is There A Way to Find Out the Colour...

Is there a way to find out the colour of you’re username (whether its green, orange or red)? I know how to find out my level, but not username colour…

Username color?

On runescape.

It’s relative to who is looking at you. The darker red, the more dangerous. The lighter green, the less dangerous.

Its your lvl compared to the person clicking on you, not what color you are.

~:crazy: spartan

I know that, Paul, but is there a way I can find out how dangerous I am?

It depends on the other person’s level

How do I find out how dangerous i’d be though?

You can’t for example if your level 10, you will be red to level 3s. If other people are level 13 you would be orange. If other people are level 50 you would be green to them =)

I’m level 52 :stuck_out_tongue:

if there 7+ lvls higher then u then there red if ur 7+ lvls higher then them its green

That was for example.

I know, thanks!

As I said, it’s relative. If you want to know how dangerous you are to somebody 5 levels below you, look at somebody five above you.

Kk lol :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks - You can close now

what paul said

orange a littel dangerous…red dangerous…dark red very dangerous…yellow same lvl as you…green not a threat at all

Thanks everyone, I get the message! :smiley:

Depends on who looks at you. If a 3 looks at you, theyll be scared because itll show RED

I know lol.