Is this a good trade

No not really.

i would say…DONT DO IT…lol…but do watever u want

No way, the stuff in there MIGHT be 100k, definently not worth it please dont do it, it would be a huge waste of a maul.

k…i added up the price…an it came out round 150k

That’s a horrible trade, maybe if he added 200k gold, then maybe it would be worth it.

if u do it ill have to hurt u

wow i almost saw great axe there, but now it was hally =( lol…
dont do it

Did u honestly think it may have been a good trade?!

Bit pointless posting this if you ask me.

I wouldn’t accept, dont do this trade… “DONT” its quite a loss for you

nope got ripped!

No way , poor u , if u appcepted

wow thats awful… did u accept it?

no not at all :slight_smile:

did u accept the trade

no way bad trade

umm… how can you even consider that a good trade…

No mauls are worth 500k and that stuff wouldnt count for much more than 200k
Try and earn the money for it lol

No, thats a horrible trade!

Good Thing that u didnt accept it…